Hello world! We are Guerilla Comx, an independent comic book studio that is dedicated to providing dramatic, dynamic, and diabolical comic books to the world at large. Founded in 2015 by Clint Scott and Nick Garber after working together for another company and realized their love for 90’s style comic heroes not just in art but story as well.  The site is a bit empty at the moment but that will change in the coming months as we re release Phantom Hawk, Pendragon, and Sunburst as free web comics that will be posted right here. Keep in mind that with this new company we will be moving the story along with these characters and that is why we are posting our older editions as a webcomic so you, the reader, can get caught up on the action. In doing so we will be calling these titles by their name and adding the title “Classic” to them. Welcome to Guerilla ComX and be sure to check in and see what’s new. Cheers!

Nick STXCCNick Garber– Founder, Owner, and Artist







Kendra Hale–   Owner, Staff Writer, Inker




Raymond Marek III- Owner, Writer


Rene Garza- Owner, Writer






Ron Z - J Rebner drawingRon Z– Inker



12162111_1659843677634955_992148394_oShane Taylor– Colorist